Is Vehicle Inspection worth it?

The economic crash over the past few years has meant that more and more people are veering towards buying used vehicles over new in order to save a bit of cash. Of course, purchasing new is great, you get a full warranty if something is wrong with the vehicle, and you can be rest assured that the vehicle would have been inspected before leaving the factory, and that means most of the time you are going to drive away with a top quality vehicle. If you purchased used however, then you face a plethora of problems. After all, there is no guarantee that the vehicle is in the best possible condition, and it could end up costing you more money than you originally anticipated.

What many people fail to realize is that selling used vehicles generates a lot of cash. Which means the people selling them are going to emphasize the positive points of the vehicle, but when it comes to the negative points they won’t be quite so telling. This means that many problems are not discussed, and this really could affect how well the care drives, or even the safety of the vehicle! If you opt for a vehicle inspection then these problems will be identified, and that could potentially save your life. Can you really put a cost on that?

In addition to this, many of the people who are selling vehicles are not really qualified, which means that a lot of the problems with them go unnoticed, and some of them can be pretty major, for example problems with the engine system or the brakes. Now, for the most part these vehicles are going to work perfectly now, and you will be able to take the car out for a test drive pretty easily. However, not all problems may be noticeable at the start, but they could have already ‘started’. You may not even notice until months down the line, and it could end up costing you a pretty hefty price. If you opt for a vehicle inspection however, you could save A LOT of money as these problems will be noticed sooner rather than later, which again means it is worth the cost!Mobile Car Inspection

Vehicle Inspections are easy to carry out, most of them are mobile nowadays which means they will come to the exact place where you are purchasing the vehicle and carry out the inspection for you. Yes, you are going to be paying for the service, but honestly, if even one problem is identified, it really could save you a lot of money in the long run. After all, wouldn’t you love to pay a couple of hundred dollars for an inspection as opposed to a few thousands if a problem is noticed? I know what I would choose.

Remember, if you are going to go down the route of vehicle inspection (as recommended!) you should always opt for a company which has huge amounts of experience in the industry. There are plenty of companies out there masquerading as inspectors, but they are going to miss a lot of faults. Which of course is going to cost you a lot of money in the long run.

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Importance of Pre Purchase vehicle inspection

Planning to buy a used car?

Well, know it first hand; it’s tough to get a good deal in this wild market. This is especially because, unlike a new car, every used car is unique. It has its own set of history, and it is required to be identified uniquely and not just by make, model, color or purchase price. This can be achieved by a pre purchase vehicle inspection, which is carried out by an independent mechanic of your trust.

The first thing to know in the  Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection is the reason why the owner wants to sell it, so you don’t end up buying their problems, if that’s the reason why they are selling it.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

A car is a very complex machine and it is very easy to overlook faults in it. It might be look good on the exterior in one look, but structural and mechanical faults could be difficult to detect without an expert inspection. Usually the vehicle being sold is too old to have any of the manufacturers warranties left, but if the vehicle is younger and has some of the outstanding warranties then make sure to check the bills too, it could have some pending insurance covers or loan against the vehicle.

Other than the knowledge about the vehicle’s owner, it is required to check if the car is mechanically sound, as mechanical parts of car could be quiet costly to replace or repair. Also if the dealer is not readily ready to get the car inspected, be wary, it could be the deal you are hoping to avoid.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection gives you certain amount of confidence on your purchase and aids on with a peaceful mind while going through the transaction.

You can also be sure whether the car’s roadworthy and is safe to drive or not.

The Mechanic would be looking for body repairs, rust, oil condition, and any leaks along with performing checks for blown head gasket, noise, wear and smoke, timing belt’s condition and any other moving part that could go wrong. These thorough analysis could help a lot in building up your decision to choose the right car for you.

Thus the Importance of Pre Purchase vehicle inspection is undeniable and it is something you must go for before you go on to buy any used car.